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At Right Click Fix it’s difficult to switch off seeing as we work from home and people can call in unexpectedly or call us at odd times. We try to keep to certain times in order to keep ourselves sane and have some quality family time.

Working Hours

So, as a general rule our working hours are 9am til 8pm Monday to Friday but that’s not set in stone. We try to switch off at 8pm and chill out but sometimes it doesn’t work if Andy is busy. Andy used to be in the workshop until 10-11pm or later and be stressed out and tired but these days these rules seem to work better for us and Andy gets to relax more making him a better technician during the day for you.

If you’ve ever ran you’re own business we’re sure you’ll understand? Life is never simple and stuff happens. We can have to work late or early so never be stuck! Andy will call out on an evening or weekend by appointment for shift workers etc. If we don’t answer the phone out of hours and it’s urgent PLEASE leave us a message and we’ll ring you back asap.

We try not to call people back on mobile phones via our land line as it costs us 50p per minute. As of October 19 Andy now handles the mobile as well as land line so you can get him on either line any time (unless he’s with a customer or asleep lol 😉 )


I once promised a certain business advisor back in 2008 that I wouldn’t work on a Sunday as it can put too much strain on your family life. I’ve kept that promise and my family is still intact and very happy. I will call out on a Sunday if it’s urgent or planned in advance but how urgent can a computer problem be not to wait a few hours until Monday?

We currently spend our weekends at our sited caravan in the hills to relax and unwind so ring us on the mobile number if you need help over the weekend or to book Andy in.

Andy & Janet Winter