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Right Click Fix Terms and Conditions

Please read our terms and conditions so we all know where we stand prior to any work being carried out.

Introduction: As many of you out there are aware, Right Click Fix is your trusted and reliable computer repair service but as part of modern day business guidelines we’ve been requested to provide a list of our terms. Conditions so there’s nothing left to chance and we all know where we stand. Andy is fully insured, CRB checked with certificate available and is house proud as well as house trained.

Charges: Right Click Fix do not request  a “call out fee”, all costs are included in the price you are quoted and we do not advertise “no fix-no fee” as we can and will fix your problem and If we provide a diagnosis and the customer declines to authorise us to resolve the problem, the customer shall be required to pay us fees to cover collection, diagnosis and delivery charges of a minimum of £10 and not exceeding £20 depending on distance traveled and time spent on diagnosis. With 99% of our jobs the client knows the cost prior to it being taken away or repaired at your home or office etc. If you don’t agree with these terms then please don’t call us out.

Time: Right Click Fix reserves the right to take our time and make sure your computer is fully functional prior to returning it to you. Janet will call you when Andy is on his way so you’re not waiting around and Janet will call you again when it’s finished to arrange delivery; setup for you to make sure all is well. We may also call you during the repair procedure if we need any information or to advice of further costs etc. Please allow us ample time to make sure you get your computer back in pristine condition. Re-installation of Windows can take up to three days to get all security updates on as well as hardware drivers etc.

Internet Security: We install what we regard as the best free anti-virus software available at the time after virus removal or computer clean up but it’s up to the customer to secure their own computer(s) and install the appropriate software as required. Right Click Fix recommends paid security software at all times which we can install by request or agreement during repairs.

Data: It is the customers’ responsibility to ensure that prior to Right Click Fix starting work on their computer that all critical data has been backed up, and that appropriate recovery procedures are in place. It is the customers’ responsibility to back up all files and folders. Right Click Fix cannot accept liability for any loss of data and/or information during any repair, upgrade or diagnosis. Right Click Fix will back up any data found as in documents and pictures that are accessible prior to formatting a hard drive as standard practice unless instructed not too but programs and applications will need to be re-installed so you need to be prepared for it.

In your Home/Office: Right Click Fix requests that all clients refrain from smoking whilst Andy is in your building. This is required as standard British law and we’d appreciate your co-operation. It would be beneficial to Andy if you kept your pets out of the way in case of allergic reactions or accidents and damage caused by excitable animals.

Andy wears a clean uniform and washes his trainers regularly to ensure his feet are clean when entering your home/office. Please don’t hesitate to ask him to remove his shoes or cover them but he usually will anyway if he feels it’s necessary. We also expect your home/office to be clean and habitable and may refuse to work if Andy feels it’s too dirty.

Hygiene: Andy expects your home and computer/keyboard to be in a clean and workable condition and he will refuse to work on a computer that is beyond hygiene expectations and leave without repairing it/them if he feels it is too dirty to work with. Please ensure your computer is clean. Use a baby wipe to wipe over the keyboard and mouse where applicable.


Payment: Payment is only expected upon completion of our services and you’re happy with it. Payments can be made via cash, cheque, bacs transfer and we accept secure PayPal payments and donations via our web-site. We do not take payment up front except when required to pay for hardware.


Right Click Fix reserves the right to edit these terms and conditions at any time felt necessary with regards to improving our services. Last updated on January 13th 2017