Right Click Fix covers all aspects of computer repairs so just ask. Andy’s experience holds no bounds and over the years he’s picked up a lot of hints, tips and experience in all sorts of forms. PC and laptop repairs are the main focus of Right Click Fix with call outs the main point of the business. Andy does call outs for other businesses who don’t offer the call out service and you’ll very probably find that if you ring a local computer shop they’ll give you our number to call out.

Calling out to repair a computer, network or whatever takes a lot of skill, knowledge and experience. Other than that it takes a lot of confidence! All of which Andy has in abundance! When he first started doing call outs back in around 2003/4 for friends etc. Andy was nervous, frightened he would be unable to fix the problem and have to walk away from it defeated. Fortunately that has NEVER happened but he has come close on a couple of major networking jobs for companies where he had to seek assistance but got there as always in the end.

Nowadays Andy fears nothing and is totally confident in what he does and will repair your computers if they’re fixable. If they aren’t he’ll diagnose them and tell you the best course of action. Some computers just give up with age or faulty hardware so aren’t cost effectively worth fixing. Other than that if it’s repairable you won’t find a better source for the job!

As for mobile phones and tablet repairs, Andy tries to steer clear of them. He can do them but for the hassle and space required he’d have to have nothing else in, in order to concentrate on them