Recommend Right Click Fix

Being a home based business it costs us to go out to you to fix your computer problems. The car needs fuel and it suffers wear and tear. Not everyone realises this when they call us out though sadly.

In 2017 our prices have been revised for the first time in 4 years. Andy charges an average fee of £50 to call out within South Tyneside and that covers you for up to 3 hours. Andy will not stay more than 3 hours in one place as it’s just not cost effective in most cases. Sometimes it’s best taken away.

If Andy suspects the repair will be lengthy he’ll take the problem computer away to work on to keep the price as low as possible but still charge £50 upon return unless he has to reinstall the operating system, back up data and install updates and software where the price is usually £50.

If Andy has to travel beyond South Tyneside he charges £10 travel fee to cover the cost. If he goes through the Tyne Tunnel that will be included in the £50 unless it’s further North. Remember that distance is time and time is money. Traveling around helping people out can be a lengthy process, especially if there’s a return journey required.

If you come to us (as many do from far and wide) be sure to bring your laptop charger. Not only do we only have one universal charger in the workshop, you’re problem could be battery/charger related so it’s best Andy has it to hand.

If it’s a PC then all Andy needs is the PC tower and nothing else unless it’s possibly an issue with keyboard/mouse or peripherals. By coming to us you save £10 to begin with as the car isn’t needed but if it’s just a clean up and only takes an hour or so it could be £20 and any quick fix as little as £10 like password issues or quick fixes Andy knows by experience.

By reading this and understanding how we charge there shouldn’t be any issues so you know whether or not to call us out or call in. If you want the best it’s worth paying for!