Messaging vs Phone

The modern way of communication in todays society is via messenger, text, whatsapp etc. and I use Facebook messenger so people contact me via my page on there but it often doesn’t come through or I’m out and I miss it. I do have Facebook for Business on the works mobille nowadays as well as the YELL app having taken out a recent advert with them but a lot of the messages I get are either garbled, mis-spelt or lacking in information I require to be able to respond accorningly.

I don’t have time to sit for half an hour texting back and forth pictures of a laptop to get its model number or screen defect. I need it in my hands, my eyes need to see it, I need to touch it and the fastest way to get me to do this is to ring me! I use the Right Click fix as my own phone nowadays so its always with me and the fastest way to get a computer to me is to ring the mobile!

Here’s atext I received the other day by way of example;

Hi I’m looking for a laptop lead for an old HP laptop. Any ideas? (name)

How am I supposed to reply to that? I need the model name and number and need to know whats wrong with the old charger? is it broken? is it missing? is the DC socket (plug) on the laptop broken? If it is a new charger won’t work and the laptop will need stripping down to repair the port and the old charger might actually be ok afterall!

I replied asking for the model number of which they couldn’t find (its under the battery) so I text them saying so and told them to ring me next day so I could talk them through it. They never rang back! They simply wanted me to provide a “lead” asap and probably free!