COVID-19 Update Page

This Covid-19 update page will give you all the info you need to help me to help you. Covid-19 fast became known as “the virus” sadly! Yeah “the virus!” is what we call it ‘cos lets be honest we’re all sick of hearing about it aren’t we? We all want to move on and get back to normality so here’s how I deal with Covid-19

Upon Arrival

I’ll get out of the car sanitising my hands and donning my mask at you’re door. I wear a mask if I call out to you and I expect you to wear one too. If you do have any spare new ones they can be very handy for me as I can easily leave one behind or need a new one going from place to place so do mention it if we speak on the phone prior to me calling out. When I leave I’ll sanitise my hands at the car to ensure I’ve not re-touched anything on the way to keep the car clean.


I expect any computer I’m to work on/at to be externally cleaned and preferably with anti-bacterial cleaner, especially laptop and PC keyboards. I’ll wet wipe them over when i get there anyway as an extra precaution and also when I leave to ensure you have a clean computer once it’s all fixed 🙂 If you need to type to help me along/assist me then we need to wipe the keyboard between us prior to carrying on but that’s a rarity.

On Site

In your premises I expect to be kept at distance and do NOT like anyone peering over my shoulder pointing at the screen etc. I know your frustrated and want the computer fixed but it has to be in a calm and responsible manner. I’d like a window to be open so air can circulate for us both and would rather be in a ‘computer room’ alone or at the most with the client at the door/safe distance. 90% of my customers are vulnerable and I MUST be VERY careful!

At my home/workshop I’ve got a gable end gateway leading the the back door/workshop which I only open to let you in and out. Once at the house you can stand at the door unmasked or stand inside with a mask on. Please keep your distance and do not lean over me to point or type. I’ve got hand sanitiser and wet wipes to hand at all times so feel free to ask for usage.


As I said in the first paragraph, I take this thing ultra serious and I will not bow down to the foolish individuals claiming its a conspiracy etc. I respect my elders as well as other people in general and I value the custom and their lives and I promise I’ll do all I can to keep you safe. I do care very much and I don’t want my lovely family to suffer this nasty thing so lets all be sensible eh? If your struggling and need someone out then you might feel a bit more secure after reading this?

UPDATE: July 2021. I’m “double jabbed” and able to go out there but am still wary of spreading the virus. At this time Covid-19 is rife in our region so we MUST stick to the rules. Please do NOT call me out if you’ve been in contact with anyone with the virus! You can email me via the contact page or simply ring me!


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