New Email Address – Notification

After 11 years of having my business email addy plastered all over the net and getting bombarded with daily spam after its been sold and abused I’ve decided to make a new one! is the new one so I’ll be moving over to that as of today. I’ll keep the old one live until it phases out over the year.

Live Chat – Trial

I’ve just set up a “live chat” system on the site in order to try and combat the phone situation. I run a mobile computer repair business and Janet’s a cleaner with her “Kleen4U” business, so we’re both on the go most of the time but when I’m working or at home the office/workshop PC is always on so I can be around to answer questions and give quotes etc.

It seems to be the ‘in thing’ at the moment so I’ll give it a go. . .

Oh, do be warned it takes you’re email address and takes you’re IP address 😉


First Music Festival

On Friday June 24th we’ll be heading over to Stanhope, County Durham for the Stone Valley Festival over the weekend. It’s our first of the year and is only a 2 day event so we’ll be back for Monday. Have a lovely weekend, we will  🙂