site emails fixed

I’ve just sat and went right through my web-site, server, domains, dns settings then accessed the webmail via the internet and found loads of emails I haven’t received on my PC via Windows Live Mail for months! It turned out to be an issue with Windows Live Mail (grr).

So I’m now using Mozilla Thunderbird to get my emails and you can now email me from the site once again 🙂

Last Festival we promise ;)

We’re off to CREAMFIELDS tomorrow (Thursday August 24th) until Monday evening so if you need us we’ll be back to work next Tuesday…

It’s CREAMFIELDS 20th anniversary and it’s our 25th anniversary present to each other so forgive us, we love to party! See you Tuesday…

First Music Festival

On Friday June 24th we’ll be heading over to Stanhope, County Durham for the Stone Valley Festival over the weekend. It’s our first of the year and is only a 2 day event so we’ll be back for Monday. Have a lovely weekend, we will  🙂