I go into Hospital on Sunday May 5th for a back (disc) operation and will be in until the Tuesday. After that I’ll be laid up until the wounds heal over and I’m at least able to walk again so call outs during the next few weeks aren’t looking good!

Don’t hesitate to come to us as usual though I’ll be able to hobble around a bit to keep myself busy…


Easter Break

Janet and I are going away for the weekend on Thursday 18th April until Monday so I won’t be available. It’s usually quiet anyway as everyone is out enjoying the festivities and the weather forecast is excellent so lets all make the most of it! This is just in case someone needs us over the holidays.

Happy Easter everyone <3


‘Android’ Boxes – No We Don’t Do Them!

We’ve had a few phone calls recently asking “do you do them android boxes?”. So here’s the answer as well as the reasons why;

Andy has ‘done’ them over the years for himself and others but a couple of years ago the laws were changed making it illegal to install programs like the (in)famous ‘Kodi’ that once prepared can stream online movies and whatever. If we were to undertake the installation of these android boxes as a paid job then we’d be liable to prosecution. To buy one of these boxes is not illegal nor is using it BUT once the programs are installed onto it that give the ‘goodies’ it then becomes illegal as copyright laws are infringed and so on. ISP’s lose out on contracts and customers and so do movie makers, cinemas and the like.

As well as the law issue, there’s also the issue of these programs changing/failing or being updated so losing streams after a while so the end user gets straight onto whoever installed it for them and expects them to fix it for free (not everyone). Servers move, get blocked, close down etc. so you aren’t guaranteed a continuous and trouble free run of online content.

Whether or not you’re bothered about the laws, we cannot and will not be connected to illegal usage of android boxes so I hope you understand.

Mobile Mare!

We’re currently suffering from all calls going to our voicemails on both our mobile phones so please ring the Right Click Fix land line if you need Andy out or want to call in ok? We’d apologise but feel Vodafone should do it for us!

Brandy’s Pups

I’ve not had much time to update the site(s) I run due to our dog Brandy giving birth to 4 beautiful pups in July. Here’s some cute pictures of them at 8 weeks old. It’s been an experience and one we’ll probably never repeat with Honey or Brandy but we did it and it’s over with. We’ll keep in touch with all of the pups so watch them grow and be loved 🙂

This is ‘Geordie’ he’s going to live down Surrey in the greenest of countryside and is the biggest of the littler. Lovely dog I’d of honestly kept if George hadn’t taken him. Prime example of the breed!

This is Ginger, she’s a lovely, happy lilttle thing gone to a loving home just around the corner from us thankfully 🙂

This is Mabel, she’s gone to Huddersfield to the most loving family she could ever wish for after a terrible accident took their dog last week <3

This is Jackson, another big dog, lovely nature and soooo loving! He’s gone to a home just around the corner to another family who lost their old Patterdale to old age earlier this year with kids who adore him <3

Festival Number 2 – Kendal Calling

Here we go again! Kendal Calling festival is once again upon us so from next Thursday the 26th we’ll be doing our very best to have the time of our lives with lovely people 🙂

kendal calling festival
Janet and Andy enjoying ‘dress up’ day last year at Kendal Calling

We’ll be over Penrith from Thursday 26th July until Monday 30th when we’ll be home mid afternoon. Janet will have the mobile with her but don’t expect Andy to be driving home to fix anything lol 😉 You’re better off grabbing Andy before we go.

“See you in the fields” if you’re going too 🙂


Festival No1 Friday June 29th

Yes folks it’s THAT time of year once again and we’re off to our first festival of summer this weekend to Stone Valley Festival in Stanhope. We’ll be leaving tomorrow morning and we’ll be home on Sunday afternoon so apologies if you need Andy tomorrow but we’ll be away and will catch up on Monday. Have a lovely weekend 🙂

Back from Driving

Fedex wasn’t for me, they’re like 30 years behind everyone else lol. I’m with Right Click Fix full time for now but am looking for part time work, maybe a postman or technician for a large organisation fixing their computers and keeping things going…

Keep me busy




No, I’ve not joined the dance group I’m just wearing in my new FEDEX uniform 🙂 Yes I’m back on the road to subsidise the ever dwindling call outs and computer repairs and surviving hard times in the computer industry!

Computer shops are closing all around us but we’re geared up to survive and have for 11 years on August 1st this year but I need to start subsidising Right Click Fix if I’m to keep it on, otherwise I’ll close it and get a full time job driving or pro geek somewhere that can afford me 😉

laptop repairs in sunderland

Anyway, I’ll always be here for you and that’s a promise 🙂


Phone Calls and Messages

We seem to be getting more and more people ringing our land line on mobiles and leaving voicemail asking us to call them back with prices and information on whether or not we can do a job or not, how much it would be and how long it will take and even for advice on repairs and problems.

We’re very helpful and considerate but not only do we not have time to ring people up at our cost (mobile network charges) from our land line but we feel its damn cheeky to expect a business to ring you at their cost! Please ring the mobile and speak to Janet on 07821055566 or leave a message and we’ll ring you back.

On the land line just ring back and see if Andy is in or maybe Janet after 3pm (ish). Its a funny one because we’re both in and out a lot its hard to catch us I know but we simply can’t afford to ring people at our cost!