I’ve neglected the business side of the computer world as the domestic side was busy enough but it has evolved into a disposable/mobile/smartphone one and laptops and PC’s are a rarity to repair nowadays. If your office, factory, school or general business needs support I’m sure I can work something out dependent on the size and scale of the business and how many computers are to be looked after?

Most small businesses start up with all the wrong computers and printers etc. due to poor advice and guidance or they just wing it and hope for the best. Give me a call if your starting up a business, I can call out and assess the premises and advise on the best options saving you hundreds of pounds!

Most medium sized businesses grow slowly, adding employees and computers along the way but they get different people in to set them up or get ripped off by large IT firms charging for hidden items and over charging them. This is what makes my job difficult as I have to go in and try to work it all out so I can repair the problems. Stick to one reliable company and things will run more smoothly!

Large businesses can suffer from poor IT support due to their size and often get ripped off or neglected by their support company. It’s paramount they have one company looking after them who know the network and understand its topology and regular issues and more importantly how to fix them!

Being alone I’m more suited to small to medium sized businesses as I’d need assistance to go into a large business to sort out a major issue. So if you’ve read this and need my help please don’t hesitate to call me for help.

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