Part Time 2018

Andy has taken on a full time driving job for 2018 delivering parcels after doing it over Christmas and enjoying it. The truth is the computer industry is changing. Too many computers are simply destroyed rather than repaired and it’s just too easy to get internet help and advice via YouTube, Facebook groups and forums etc. So many younger people are trying to get into the industry that it’s saturated with “whiz kids” who know it all from the internet.

We’ve had a lot of calls from people lately telling us they’ve looked all over the net and can’t fix it themselves so turned to Andy to fix it and this is what’s doing the damage!

For the foreseeable future Andy will run Right Click Fix on a part-time basis with less hardware problems taken in and call out jobs on weekends or evenings after work. We will still take computers in at home/office as usual but not for hardware repairs unless people can wait.

Andy needs to start thinking of himself and the family instead of waiting for the phone to ring which has been less and less over the past two years. We’ll always be here for you, just be a little more patient 🙂

Driving Home For Christmas

Andy has taken on a full time driving job until or just after Christmas seeing as the business seems to be flagging right now and not a lot is happening. Andy is available for call outs on a Saturday and maybe Sundays during this time and if he gets finished early enough he may go out on an evening but you’re always welcome to bring the problem to us and Andy will work on evenings.

(the image has been quickly edited for legal reasons) NEVER be stuck! If we can’t get you fixed we’ll recommend someone who can that we trust!

site emails fixed

I’ve just sat and went right through my web-site, server, domains, dns settings then accessed the webmail via the internet and found loads of emails I haven’t received on my PC via Windows Live Mail for months! It turned out to be an issue with Windows Live Mail (grr).

So I’m now using Mozilla Thunderbird to get my emails and you can now email me from the site once again 🙂

Last Festival we promise ;)

We’re off to CREAMFIELDS tomorrow (Thursday August 24th) until Monday evening so if you need us we’ll be back to work next Tuesday…

It’s CREAMFIELDS 20th anniversary and it’s our 25th anniversary present to each other so forgive us, we love to party! See you Tuesday…

First Music Festival

On Friday June 24th we’ll be heading over to Stanhope, County Durham for the Stone Valley Festival over the weekend. It’s our first of the year and is only a 2 day event so we’ll be back for Monday. Have a lovely weekend, we will  🙂

Weekend Away

This is quite short notice but we’ve just booked up for a caravan trip away to Northumberland for this weekend 🙂 Janet, myself and the two terrierists are having a few well earned days rest in the middle of nowhere. We’ll be back on Monday afternoon so see you then if you need us or if you see this before we go give us a ring…