Windows 7 End Of Support

What You Need To Know

I’m getting a few phone calls every week asking about Windows 7 because support for it ends today (January 14th 2020). All it means is the monthly security updates that keep the operating system free from hacks and nasties will stop. NOTHING will happen to your computer. All you need is decent anti virus software and stay away from dodgy sites and downloads.

The computer will work the same as it always has so keep using it until you can afford to buy a new one with Windows 10 on. Upgrading a 7/8 year old computer to a new operating system is not cost effective and you’ll waste the money buying Windows 10 as you won’t be able to use it on a new computer unless you have a PC built. Some older computers are also 32bit and Windows 10 is made for newer computers hardware so won’t work on older computers as all newer computers are made for 64bit operating systems.

So in summary if you’ve got a Windows 7 computer you really need a new one but can keep using it until you do so.

If you want to have a go yourself you can download Microsoft’s ‘media creation tool’ and run it. It’s still free if you have a Windows license on your computer.


We’ll keep this page as short as possible as there’s really not too much to say. It’s more of a heads up for anyone out there looking for someone to trust either in your home or to call in and drop off a laptop etc. As you can see on our links, our address is clear and there’s a picture of Andy on the welcome page so there’s no chance someone could pretend to be him and rob you. Andy wears his Right Click Fix uniform and always has so everyone knows who it is and its really good advertising too!

If your poking around the internet looking for someone as close to you as possible PLEASE get an address as you don’t know whether they’ll bring the computer back or not and NEVER pay money up front if they do take it away to repair. Andy refuses to take any payment until the computers back with you and you’re happy, unless its an expensive piece of hardware or a PC build.

There’s too many sites up nowadays with no address and just a mobile number to call. Some might be legitimate and some might not but I can tell you that Google have stopped computer companies from using their services due to too many online scams and rip-offs!

We’ve given you our home address which has CCTV right around it for the security of computers as well as us so be rest assured you can trust Andy and Right Click Fix


How To Find Us

If you want to call in with your problem computer you’ll need to be able to find us! Clicking this link will give you our location on ‘maps’. Our address is;

Andy Winter
Right Click Fix
32 Hurworth Avenue
South Shields


Prices Explained

Call Out Service

Right Click Fix is a professional computer service where Andy calls out to you, or you come to him so he can use his knowledge and experience to fix your problem. That in turn means he needs to be paid for it! He charges £50 to call out to you and will spend up to 3 hours in your home/office but if he feels it’ll be a longer job to fix he’ll take it to his workshop which frees him up to work on other computers (yes it is true some men can multi task 😉 ) as time is money. If you live outside of South Tyneside a travel fee of £10 will be implemented to cover costs.

If the call out turns out to be a quick fix then Andy usually wouldn’t charge you full price unless of the distance or he did more than was asked of him which is often the case as sometimes what you think is the problem isn’t! So as Winston Churchill once famously quoted, ‘you can’t please all the people of of the time’ so we do as best we can to be reasonable and fair which is why Right Click Fix is now into its 13th year as people trust us.

Coming To Us

If you want to bring your laptop or PC to Andy to look at then all you need for a PC is the tower itself unless you’re having bother typing or using USB devices etc. which is pretty rare. Laptops MUST have their charger with them DO NOT rely on us having one as the problem could well be you’re charger!

Calling in costs £10 less on average than calling out but possibly £20 or £30 because of the car and fuel costs not being required. As well it could just be a quick fix or a diagnosis. A reinstallation of Windows and backing up data takes time and electricity to do hence the £50 fee, £60 if dropped off and set up for you. There’s so many situations and different problems that its impossible to just have a price list which is why we’ve made this page and we hope it explains but costs can start from as little as £10 and average £30

In summary, get the family, friends, grand kids to tinker by all means but when they make it worse or do it wrongly the information above is truly justified and Andy will fix it or advise on replacement hardware and whether its worth it or not. We hope that helps?


  • PC Repairs (al aspects)
  • Laptop Repairs (hardware and software)
  • Call Outs/Home Visits
  • Virus Removal
  • Computer Clean Ups and tweaks
  • PC Builds
  • All Hardware Related Issues
  • All software Related Issues
  • Computer Upgrades

Here’s a new layout for 2020 giving you an insight into what we do at Right Click Fix. Since around 2000 Andy has been learning how to repair PC’s and laptop computers. He began with PC’s running Windows 98 and then rolled with the rest of Windows releases right up to date. Due to all the changes along the way there’s no way to become a “computer expert” but Andy has amassed as much knowledge and experience about each Operating System as possible along the way.

Call outs are Andy’s speciality so as you read this and are probably looking for someone to fix your problems at your home, office or school etc. then look no further! Trust and experience are essential in this line of work and personality is even more so important and this is where we come in!

Andy can call out to fix your problems e.g. wireless printers, new router installations and all other household problems removing the stress from you’re head. You can also bring the problem computer to him as he works from home and has done for 10 years so far and most people are fine with it. Less overheads, less stress, no staff and more family time!

Sometimes a phone call to book Andy in can reveal an issue he knows can’t be rectified at your home as it’ll be hardware related or the Operating System might need re-installing which takes time (Windows updates and driver programs, data back up etc.). Andy can come and collect the problem computer and work on it.

The industry has quickly evolved from everyone having a PC in one corner or in bedrooms around the house to getting rid of them and using laptops (notebooks), netbooks and now tablets, kindles and smart phones which are all mostly not economically worth repairing. It’s fast becoming a disposable society!

Andy doesn’t do phone or tablet repairs due to this as they’re too fiddly, easily damaged and difficult to source parts which can be bad copies. Also, people want a phone repaired yesterday as they can’t live without them nowadays!