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Right Click Fix was formed back in August 2007 after Andy was “discovered” by an organisation called “The Wise Group” who worked for the Job Centre and were responsible for getting the long term unemployed back into work.

Andy had been on incapacity benefit since 1997 with is bad back and lost his twin to suicide in 2001 so wasn’t in a good place. However, a meeting with The Wise Group changed that by sending him to college after he opened up about his knowledge of computers and web design skills…

Andy spent from 2004-2007 at college doing computer courses but them all he couldn’t afford the £100 exams so never got his MCP, MSCA or CCNA qualifications (pro geek status) but did learn a lot from it all.#In June 2007 Andy got a call from a local charity organisation saying the Wise Group had recommended him to set up a computer network in their newly opened office so he called in one sunny afternoon in his combat shorts and Foo Fighters t-shirt to have a look and was offered the job after estimating it at around £3000.

Andy and a college course colleague set about the job and when asking about payment mid job they were told to send an invoice in and so the harsh realisation set in that a business had to created and Right Click Fix was thought up as they pulled and pushed ethernet cables across the suspended ceiling of the offices one evening 🙂

They were doing a Microsoft server maintenance course at the time learning how to set it all up so this was hands on learning and they did it well! Since them nervous/edgy early days when Andy was afraid to call out to companies or larger jobs he’s now grown (and shrunken body wise) into THE person to ask for help and call out to your home or business as his knowledge and confidence has grown over the years as well as his vast experience!

Be rest assured your in safe hands with Right Click Fix 🙂


On a personal level, Janet and I met in December 1987 and have been together since then. We’ve got two lovely kids who are 19 and 21 this Winter of 2018 (scary) and they’re lovely young adults with great lives ahead of themselves and we’re both proud as parents (job well done).

Like most of you reading this I’m sure you’ll agree that life’s a roller coaster and so is ours! We’ve never been well off and struggle like the majority of people but we always get by somehow and are happy in life. We don’t holiday abroad as we can’t afford it but in 2013 once the kids were old enough to leave home alone we discovered how amazing music festivals are (to us) and we now do at least 3 per year making up for all those parenting years 😉 So, three bank holiday weekends a year we’re locked in some festival doing what we do best, partying! Some of you may not agree with it or like it but this is us! I don’t come out to you in a pretentious suit with a briefcase in hand. I’m ME! I fix your computers and like to live my life happily. This is why I have the slogan “not your average geek” on the site and the old car.

andy and janet at creamfields festival 2018

We love life and really make the most of it together. My motto (which is often plastered all over Facebook) is “one life, one chance, live it”. We love our old ‘festivan’ touring caravan and we take it to festivals and tour the Northumberland coast regularly with it. We’ve also been avid campers since 1989 and still love it!

We’ve got to ageing cats and two Patterdale terriers known locally as “the terrierists” and if you know Patterdale’s you’ll understand lol 😉 If you come to visit and don’t like or are afraid or allergic to dogs and/or cats do be aware of this. Do let us know and we’ll keep them out the way.

Hobby wise, as you can see on the welcome page, I’m sat on a kayak on the sea. I enjoy the sport of ‘kayak fishing’ and if ever you can’t get me I’ll either be walking the dogs, out on a call or a mile or two off the east coast, fishing from my ‘yak’. I own and run the web-site Kayak Fishing UK where I help, advise and make friends all over the country to paddle with 🙂

This is current kayak; a Hobie Outback

andy's kayak a hobie outback

I also have a PlayStation 4 pro where I sit on an evening playing online games with friends and comrades around the world to relax and wind down. Some say I should act my age, others join me. Do what makes you happy no matter what you’re age is what I say and I’m happy 🙂

I hope this gives you an idea of me and us as a couple rather than you ring some stranger you found on “google”.