Windows 7 End Of Support

What You Need To Know

I’m getting a few phone calls every week asking about Windows 7 because support for it ends today (January 14th 2020). All it means is the monthly security updates that keep the operating system free from hacks and nasties will stop. NOTHING will happen to your computer. All you need is decent anti virus software and stay away from dodgy sites and downloads.

The computer will work the same as it always has so keep using it until you can afford to buy a new one with Windows 10 on. Upgrading a 7/8 year old computer to a new operating system is not cost effective and you’ll waste the money buying Windows 10 as you won’t be able to use it on a new computer unless you have a PC built. Some older computers are also 32bit and Windows 10 is made for newer computers hardware so won’t work on older computers as all newer computers are made for 64bit operating systems.

So in summary if you’ve got a Windows 7 computer you really need a new one but can keep using it until you do so.

If you want to have a go yourself you can download Microsoft’s ‘media creation tool’ and run it. It’s still free if you have a Windows license on your computer.