We’ll keep this page as short as possible as there’s really not too much to say. It’s more of a heads up for anyone out there looking for someone to trust either in your home or to call in and drop off a laptop etc. As you can see on our links, our address is clear and there’s a picture of Andy on the welcome page so there’s no chance someone could pretend to be him and rob you. Andy wears his Right Click Fix uniform and always has so everyone knows who it is and its really good advertising too!

If your poking around the internet looking for someone as close to you as possible PLEASE get an address as you don’t know whether they’ll bring the computer back or not and NEVER pay money up front if they do take it away to repair. Andy refuses to take any payment until the computers back with you and you’re happy, unless its an expensive piece of hardware or a PC build.

There’s too many sites up nowadays with no address and just a mobile number to call. Some might be legitimate and some might not but I can tell you that Google have stopped computer companies from using their services due to too many online scams and rip-offs!

We’ve given you our home address which has CCTV right around it for the security of computers as well as us so be rest assured you can trust Andy and Right Click Fix