Prices Explained

Call Out Service

Right Click Fix is a professional computer service where Andy calls out to you, or you come to him so he can use his knowledge and experience to fix your problem. That in turn means he needs to be paid for it! He charges £50 to call out to you and will spend up to 3 hours in your home/office but if he feels it’ll be a longer job to fix he’ll take it to his workshop which frees him up to work on other computers (yes it is true some men can multi task 😉 ) as time is money. If you live outside of South Tyneside a travel fee of £10 will be implemented to cover costs.

If the call out turns out to be a quick fix then Andy usually wouldn’t charge you full price unless of the distance or he did more than was asked of him which is often the case as sometimes what you think is the problem isn’t! So as Winston Churchill once famously quoted, ‘you can’t please all the people of of the time’ so we do as best we can to be reasonable and fair which is why Right Click Fix is now into its 13th year as people trust us.

Coming To Us

If you want to bring your laptop or PC to Andy to look at then all you need for a PC is the tower itself unless you’re having bother typing or using USB devices etc. which is pretty rare. Laptops MUST have their charger with them DO NOT rely on us having one as the problem could well be you’re charger!

Calling in costs £10 less on average than calling out but possibly £20 or £30 because of the car and fuel costs not being required. As well it could just be a quick fix or a diagnosis. A reinstallation of Windows and backing up data takes time and electricity to do hence the £50 fee, £60 if dropped off and set up for you. There’s so many situations and different problems that its impossible to just have a price list which is why we’ve made this page and we hope it explains but costs can start from as little as £10 and average £30

In summary, get the family, friends, grand kids to tinker by all means but when they make it worse or do it wrongly the information above is truly justified and Andy will fix it or advise on replacement hardware and whether its worth it or not. We hope that helps?