Leave of absence

Yes, we’re off to another music festival and it’s Kendal Calling festival with our lovely friends (festifam) we met there 5 years ago. We’ll be away from Thursday July 25th til Monday afternoon next week so we’ll catch up on Tuesday. Have as lovely a weekend as we will <3

kendal calling festival
Janet and Andy enjoying ‘dress up’ day last year at Kendal Calling

Frustrating Times!

This last week I’ve had huge emails, texts with videos on my personal phone (to which I replied with advice and got no reply). Facebook messages with pictures of the problem and my personal posts hijacked by requests for repairs and yet I’ve had NO work! Everyone wants me to tell them how to fix it for free and NOBODY wants to pay for it! I’ve been doing this job as self employed for 13 years come August and it’s slowly grinding to a halt. No-one wants to pick up the phone or if they do it’s “I’ve tried this and that off YouTube but it won’t work” and everyone expects free computer repairs and goes around their family leaving me ’til the last resort when no-one else can fix it.I think it’s time to move on and get a job in the industry rather than struggle on. I’ll always be here for people but as a business I think it’s time to throw in the towel 🙁

eMail issues with Microsoft

Microsoft’s email servers are picking up on emails from my domain “rightclickfix.co.uk” as spam which I’m currently working on but until its fixed can anyone using a ‘hotmail’, ‘outlook’ or ‘live’ account either use a different email address or just pick up the phone.

thanks, Andy