‘Android’ Boxes – No We Don’t Do Them!

We’ve had a few phone calls recently asking “do you do them android boxes?”. So here’s the answer as well as the reasons why;

Andy has ‘done’ them over the years for himself and others but a couple of years ago the laws were changed making it illegal to install programs like the (in)famous ‘Kodi’ that once prepared can stream online movies and whatever. If we were to undertake the installation of these android boxes as a paid job then we’d be liable to prosecution. To buy one of these boxes is not illegal nor is using it BUT once the programs are installed onto it that give the ‘goodies’ it then becomes illegal as copyright laws are infringed and so on. ISP’s lose out on contracts and customers and so do movie makers, cinemas and the like.

As well as the law issue, there’s also the issue of these programs changing/failing or being updated so losing streams after a while so the end user gets straight onto whoever installed it for them and expects them to fix it for free (not everyone). Servers move, get blocked, close down etc. so you aren’t guaranteed a continuous and trouble free run of online content.

Whether or not you’re bothered about the laws, we cannot and will not be connected to illegal usage of android boxes so I hope you understand.