Brandy’s Pups

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I’ve not had much time to update the site(s) I run due to our dog Brandy giving birth to 4 beautiful pups in July. Here’s some cute pictures of them at 8 weeks old. It’s been an experience and one we’ll probably never repeat with Honey or Brandy but we did it and it’s over with. We’ll keep in touch with all of the pups so watch them grow and be loved 🙂

This is ‘Geordie’ he’s going to live down Surrey in the greenest of countryside and is the biggest of the littler. Lovely dog I’d of honestly kept if George hadn’t taken him. Prime example of the breed!

This is Ginger, she’s a lovely, happy lilttle thing gone to a loving home just around the corner from us thankfully 🙂

This is Mabel, she’s gone to Huddersfield to the most loving family she could ever wish for after a terrible accident took their dog last week <3

This is Jackson, another big dog, lovely nature and soooo loving! He’s gone to a home just around the corner to another family who lost their old Patterdale to old age earlier this year with kids who adore him <3

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