New Email Address – Notification

After 11 years of having my business email addy plastered all over the net and getting bombarded with daily spam after its been sold and abused I’ve decided to make a new one! is the new one so I’ll be moving over to that as of today. I’ll keep the old one live until it phases out over the year.


No, I’ve not joined the dance group I’m just wearing in my new FEDEX uniform 🙂 Yes I’m back on the road to subsidise the ever dwindling call outs and computer repairs and surviving hard times in the computer industry!

Computer shops are closing all around us but we’re geared up to survive and have for 11 years on August 1st this year but I need to start subsidising Right Click Fix if I’m to keep it on, otherwise I’ll close it and get a full time job driving or pro geek somewhere that can afford me 😉

laptop repairs in sunderland

Anyway, I’ll always be here for you and that’s a promise 🙂