Andy is in a full time job now as an IT Field Engineer so will only be available after 5.30pm ongoing   Andy won't be calling out to anyone while this virus is about, we're sure you understand the situation

Andy of Right Click Fix
Andy from Right Click Fix so you know who you’re meeting


Andy is working from home whilst furloughed from the new full-time job so don’t be stuck if you have a problem computer. Besides he needs to keep busy! You can drop it off at the door and leave it with us but as of June 15th he can now call out to your home or work as long as we keep to social distancing rules and clean everything prior to and after the visit.

If your stuck at home with a dodgy computer and the kids are driving you mad you can drop any problem computers off at our door but no-one is allowed inside or within the given distance of each other. We have full CCTV coverage and will arrange for you to bring the computer to a door (maybe back via side gate). All computers MUST be washed/cleaned prior to dropping off and gloves will be worn throughout the repair by Andy and then your computer will be cleaned for collection.

If you need Andy out he can come to your home but NOT inside! We’ve had numerous calls from our elderly clients and Andy has managed to fix their issues on the doorstep or patio door without entering the building but these were people in their 90’s and vulnerable and need the internet to buy in groceries etc. Andy wears disposable gloves but if you have some he’ll wear them to work on your computer as long as the wireless network is reachable otherwise he’ll have to take it away to fix and return it which is more costly to us.

Do give Andy a ring if your stuck he’ll do all he can to help over the phone during these dark days. I’m sure if we’re all sensible and responsible we’ll all get through it together 🙂


Welcome to the brand new site for 2020. Right Click Fix is a professional computer repair service based in South Shields and working from home. Andy will call out to any house, school, factory, business or where ever the problem is and fix it or diagnose and advise on the best course of action. Be rest assured my experience and confidence is enough to be able to call out to you, diagnose the problem and at least advise on the way forward.

Do poke around the site and read up prior to calling Andy as you may not like what you read or we may not be close enough to you to help but if your in or around South Tyneside and need a computer fixed then look no further for an experienced and ‘geet canny’ technician!