Andy can call out to you but you MUST abide by the distancing rules and wear a mask.    Any computer to be looked at by Andy MUST be washed/wiped over prior to and after work done

Andy of Right Click Fix
Andy from Right Click Fix so you know who you’re meeting

Welcome to my Right Click Fix web-site.

I’m Andy and I own and run Right Click Fix. If you call our numbers you’ll get me. If you ‘googled’ “computer repairs near me” you’ll of found me and in most search other results too as I built this site and I maintain it as well as fix computers.

I’m a professional computer technician and run a computer repair service based in South Shields working from home/workshop on the back of the house. I will call out to any house, school, factory, business or where ever the problem is and fix it or diagnose and advise on the best course of action. PC’s and laptops are my speciality but honestly just give me a call and I’ll tell you whether or not I can help you and will point you in the direction of someone else if I can’t help you.

Be rest assured my experience and confidence is enough to be able to call out to you and at the very least diagnose the problem and tell you the best way forward from the worst of disasters. If it seems terminal then its best to bring it to me where I have all the tools to test it and most times freely if its a quick diagnosis!

Have a look around the site and read up prior to calling Right Click Fix but please do read the new reviews page that’s just been developed as it’s going great thankfully. If your in or around South Tyneside and need a computer repaired then look no further for an experienced, honest, reliable and trust worthy computer technician.

Whether your near or far I can travel and have worked in Newcastle, Durham, Sunderland, Seaham, Peterlee, Blyth, Ashington to name just a few places I’ve been recommended too via word of mouth over the years so never be stuck! If there’s one person out there who can fix your computer problems in home or office it’s me!

All the very best of British luck for 2021, stay safe <3

Andy Winter