I've been double jabbed since June and am now happy to call out as usual   I'll be dropping the land line number for good very soon as it rarely gets used and is costing me, I'll edit the site asap...

Andy of Right Click Fix South Shields
Andy from Right Click Fix so you know who you’re meeting

Welcome to Right Click Fix,

As of January 2022 I’m winding down Right Click Fix as the business has hung on now for a good few years without any profit and the computer industry has evolved into a disposable one making most of my services redundant. I’ve always been the end of the line for peoples computer repairs, after youtube and asking around their friends and its not fair! So, I’m looking for a full time job in the business side of the industry but I’ll always be here you even if/when Right Click Fix closes as there’s too many of you that rely on me for computer help and advice as well as odd repairs so do keep the number.

I’ll keep the site live whilst the news spreads but I’d like to personally thank all those people who’ve trusted me and no-one else over the past 21 years or so. Its honestly so endearing!

Thank you all <3

Andy Winter

32 Hurworth Avenue | Harton | South Shields | Tyne and Wear | NE347SG | 07821055566