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Welcome to our new look Right Click Fix site. Right Click Fix is a South Shields based professional mobile computer repair service. We specialise in going to peoples homes and offices to fix the computer problems that can only be done there where others are unable to do so. You’ll find it hard to get somebody with Andy’s experience and personality and trust to come out and fix your computer problems.

The gallery above is a compilation of recent pictures of us, our dogs, new vehicle and what we do so you know exactly what your getting which is something we feel strongly about. Its very important you know who’s coming to visit or what to expect if you visit us. We’re an out going and happy couple who love life and live it to the fullest. A happy family just making the most of life and doing our best to help others along the way.

We can proudly tell you that if you call Falcon Computers in Sunderland who are the biggest and best computer shop in the region. You’ll be given our number and advised to call us. This wasn’t our asking it was Falcon Computers asking for our cards initially as Andy buys a lot of parts and accessories there. So far Andy has fixed around 80 to 90 (updated April 2016) computers for them ranging from simple fixes to technical business networking problems and has never let them down…

You’re welcome to bring your computer over to us for speed or ease or maybe shift work but going out to people is what we do best. Andy has spent the past eight years servicing the South Tyneside region and beyond and we’ve got over 2000 happy customers so far judging by the invoices we’ve created so don’t be stuck for somebody to trust to come over and sort all your computer problems out. You’ll be hard pushed to find anyone more trust worthy and reliable than Janet and Andy at Right Click Fix. We’re Checked and Vetted so do feel safe if you need somebody to come and help you out.

Have a poke around the Right Click Fix site and read up on the bits and bobs of information Andy has shared to help you but keep looking in for regular blog posts and updates. We often blog that we’re away camping or caravanning or kayak fishing (in Andy’s case) to keep you informed so we can arrange alternative cover for you whilst we’re away. Whatever is going on you can be rest assured to be kept up to speed here at all times.

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